Hold that thought…

Sometimes I feel absolutely nothing.
I guess we all do.

What do you think it means ?
Does it mean that universe is showing you some signs of the end?
Does it mean something great’s gonna happen all of a sudden like a pigeon flying outa magicians breast pocket?
You know what I think ?
It jus means that you’re tired of the god forsaken social anarchy .
That’s a real self righteous bitch right there and everywhere !!!

To prove a point of
“Who cares about that thought?”

Everyone whose thoughts intimidate the idea of being afraid and to be taught how to live a moment like some foolhardy cunt…

I hope …
Nah I damn well know this fills that zeal of yours.
Do well fam.

I feel like …

Every time I see the spark of the life in you that lies as beautiful as it can be …

My heart skips a beat .

Every time I realise that you’re the one I was looking and am looking and I’ll be looking for ever and ever until my heart beats for the one last time …

My soul trembles.

Ever time I see the smile that could bring out the love that’s been buried deep down.

My sanguineness heightens.